Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a quote for some work?

Absolutely, I’d love to do a quote for you. Please complete the relevant quote form below and I’ll return some pricing to you.

Can you design a logo for me?

Yes I can. Have a browse through some of my previous work for past clients and email me if you would like to discuss any further details.

What is the process for getting a logo designed?

For all logo projects I complete 2 or 3 initial draft concepts, you choose the one you want to go forward with then there are 2 sets of revisions to that chosen concept. The final logo is supplied to you as master files sent to you via email. I provide your logo design in EPS, JPEG, PDF and PNG files.

How long will it take to design my logo?

Due to each project having different requirements and different levels of complexity, I cannot give a set time frame for every project to be completed. If you contact me with a description of your specific project I can give you an estimated time frame.

Will I own the copyright to my logo design?

Yes, once you have paid for your logo design in full, the ownership of the design belongs to you. You own the copyright to that logo. I keep the right to display the artwork in my portfolio and other promotional materials.

Do you require a deposit?

For all services I require a 50% upfront payment for all new clients as a show of good faith. This is payable prior to commencement of your project. If you decide to stay on as a long time client, then I no longer take deposits for projects, I also offer 7 day accounts from then on.

What are your payment terms?

In most cases payment is required prior to the release of the final digital files. You can make payments via direct deposit.

Can I give you images in a word document?

No, images from a Microsoft Word document are not of a high enough resolution for use in professional graphic design.

Can I get the images you need from me off the internet?

No, most images found online are too small of a resolution for me to use in professional graphic design. More importantly, it is against the law to take someone else’s images and use them for your own purposes. Please hire a photographer and get them to take photographs specifically for you to use.

Do you do concepts?

Yes, if you would like to see concepts for your project before deciding if you want to continue with me, I am happy to quote on this for you. I don’t do concepts for free.

What if I don’t like any of the concepts you’ve created for our project?

If you don’t like my concepts and I can’t get them to any final stages even with making minor changes then you are free to not proceed with the project and just pay for the work completed to date.

How many revisions do you offer?

All quoted projects have an allowance of 2 sets of client amendments. You can make more than 2 sets of changes, but for all quoted projects any additional changes will be charged at an hourly rate.

Do you work on an hourly rate or fixed price?

I prefer to quote for all projects so that everyone knows what they are in for.

Can I have the design files?

Generally I don’t release design files to clients, your payment to me is for my services to design you project and for the final product/artwork. The owner ship of the working files always remains with the creator (me). Therefore if clients want to, they can purchase my working files from me for a cost.

Where are you located?

I am located in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast.

Why should I choose you over a big agency?

The main benefit for working with a freelance designer is that you work with me directly. Also being a small business my costs are low, which means I can pass these lower costs onto my clients. This means my fees are less than a big agency.


Do you send your work offshore?

No, all work is completed by me here in Australia. I never send anything offshore to be completed.

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