65% of the population are visual learners.

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Have I convinced you yet? If you have a set of data that you think is important and needs to be spread, the best way to present that data for quick and easy comprehension is through an infographic.

Infographics accelerate communication by making complex ideas simple. They’re a win-win situation with the audience being able to grasp your concept quickly and having the format of an infographic perfectly suited to being easily shared through many devices and on multiple platforms. A good infographic can quickly become viral.

The process

To create an infographic or fact sheet will begin with you, the client, providing me with the data and the message you want conveyed from that data. Also if you have any key facts you want expressed or ideas on what graphics you like, colour schemes or fonts. I take this information and create an initial concept that I present to you via PDF’s. You provide feedback and I make any necessary changes from that. Once you select a concept, I finalise that design with your data and content. You complete a final check and I complete the final infographic and send the files directly to you. I then close and archive our file.

What I can do for you

  • Infographics
    Classic combination of graphics and data. Instantly readable and comprehendible by your audience.
  • Information Visualisations
    A more complex version of an infographic. Likely to need legends to understand but often produces a more visually impressive image.
  • Fact sheets
    Simple sheet giving useful information about a particular issue. Leans more text heavy and includes occasional graphics.

Ready to work with a reliable, professional designer who makes the entire process simple and easy?